2022 Art Discovery Series

2022 Art Discovery Series

Each Friday from 4 to 5 pm, discover the inspiration, techniques and stories behind the creation of art. Enjoy wine, cheese and artistic dialogue at informative panel discussions and demonstrations.

For more information, call 480-443-7695 or email info@celebrateart.com

1/21: Functional and Fabulous

Need a gate, sound dampening or a fashion statement? Consider an artful project to accomplish a need and fill a want! Art doesn’t have to just look fabulous to enhance your life – it can actually be very functional in more ways than you might imagine.

1/28: How to Curate a Collection to Celebrate

Discover both the why and how you can curate your very own art collection that will enhance your space and your life. You’ll hear tips for collecting, hanging and enjoying your well-rounded and joyful art collection.

2/4: Nature Works

Nature and the beauty of the landscapes have long been the muse of many artists. The art of capturing light, color and shapes on canvas or in sculpture attracts both artist and collector. Art inspired by nature and the outdoors tells a story and takes the viewer to a whole new dimension. Hear what inspires […]

2/11: Addition Through Subtraction

While many works of art start with a blank canvas or by connecting dimensional elements of design, some works are created by eliminating mass to discover the beauty within. Discover how artists transform stone, wood and metal into collectible works of art.

2/18: Wax On, Wax Off

The Fine Art of Encaustic Painting – Imagine using molten wax and rich pigment to “paint” a painting. Discover the inspiration and the tools that make this ancient art form so mesmerizing and collectible.

2/25: Art of the Gem

In addition to the beautiful lines and symmetry in jewelry design, gemstones are a work of art in their own right. Discover how and why some of our magnificent jewelry artists select the gems that make their designs so highly sought after.

3/4: The Composition of Art

Music and Visual Art have much in common. In both cases there is a beautiful blending of notes and tempo that weave together to orchestrate the work of art. It is the dance of the contrasts and the balance of harmony that make a masterpiece. Hear from some of the Maestro Masters.

3/11: Inspirational Impact of Art

 Every work of art inspires an emotional reaction of the viewer. Some art is meant to have a deep inspiration connection or message through words or images. Hear from some of our artists whose works connect on a very deep level. 

3/18: The Western Story

The story of the American West lives on through the expression of art. Traditions are shared through the gifted hands that create sculpture and paintings that depict the raw, real and romantic story of the early American West. Learn why our Western artists are compelled to share these stories.

3/25: Let’s Have Some Fun!

Art does not always have to be serious or predictable. Art can spark joy and bring color, spontaneity and fun to both indoor and outdoor art collections. Discover the whimsy and inspiration that drives these artists to create.

2023 Show Details

January 14–March 26, 2023  |  Open Daily 10am–6pm

The Celebration of Fine Art is located in the “big white tents” in the heart of beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona on the southwest corner of Hayden Road and the Loop 101 at 18400 N Hayden Road.

  • There is a Café, restrooms and plenty of free parking on site.
  • Tickets: $10 for adults and $8 for seniors and military. Children under 12 are admitted at no charge.
  • Your Celebration of Fine Art ticket is a season pass, good for the duration of the 10-week show and sale.


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